OMG! Retirement! is Privacy-Focused

We have taken steps to ensure that we don't collect more information than we need to...

For example, we use an open-source, privacy respecting content management system (CMS) called Ghost. Ghost, as an organisation, is self-funded, wholly independent, and only makes revenue directly from its customers. It has zero business interests of any kind predicated on selling private user data. Look at the screenshot below. We have turned off most tracking features in our ghost instance.

Also, we do not track our users. For resource planning and to measure the impact of our blog (Analytics), we use a privacy-focused service called Plausible. According to Plausible, it's built for privacy-conscious site owners. It provides valuable and actionable stats to improve sites while visitors have a nice and enjoyable experience. The below screenshot of our Plausible instance collects only what you see below. No source IP addresses are being collected. Big win for privacy!

Basically, we don't know who's accessing our website, only the resources that are being used. So, if you're a privacy loving person, you'll love our privacy policies.

To further your privacy, we recommend that before you subscribe to OMG! Retirement blog content notifications via the subscriber feature; that you create a throw away email or email aliases via a service such as Simplelogin. You don't have to go with simplelogin. We only mention it as an example. We have no relationship with Simplelogin or any services mentioned on the blog.

Got questions?

You can contact me by emailing: [email protected]